Looking for good 50 to 100 DVD+R spindle deals

Anyone know of any good online deals for 4X rated DVD+Rs in 50 to 100 spindles?

My drive is an OEM BenQ 1620 flashed to retail firmware B7P9. I’m not looking for the very best media mind you, but something that’ll just burn well at middling speeds (4X-8X) and not degrade when moonlight falls on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


How are we supposed to advice you, when we don’t know vhere you live.

If your in the US, Best Buy has Fuji Film DVD+R 4X and 8X for $9.99 per 25 spindle buy 2-4 getting good burns with then.

Ermm…I said ‘online’ deals. That pretty much covers the world…no? :slight_smile:

I was mainly interested in online deals. Got some 8X Sony’s from CompUSA which seem to be okay. I also saw spindles of 50 4X DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs there for $39.99, but was unsure as to how they’d burn. Was hoping someone here knew of a good place to get BenQ compatible discs in bulk.

That 25 spindle deal doesn’t seem too bad now that I think about it. I’ll go check a BB out. Thanks for the info mcx6!

I wouldn’t mind hearing about any other good deals if anyone else feels like sharing.

I’d check the usual sources like Rima.com and Meritline.com personally. Also you could use Newegg / Amazon although newegg has a much wider birth of media. If your shopping for name brand media check out Rima.com - they have Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R and DVD-R’s for $48 for a 100 pack which I think is a pretty sweet deal myself for just about the highest quality media you could ever ask for. :wink:

Would you buy from europe or asia. I would say no.


If you visit cdfreaks often, look the bargain basement here http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58

Also sales circular, select your state first and blank dvd discs. http://www.salescircular.com/

Personally I like in-store deals (bestbuy, staples etc) since I know what I will get. Otherwise, just like others said, rima.com is one of the best alternative.

Well, if you want to save both time and cash, Prodisc +R non-printables (plain silver) is the answer.

Ritek’s Richojpn is good, long lasting and very inexpensive. However, sometimes, quality control scans go out of spec beyond the 4320 mark. This is at the very end of the disc. Should you encounter this problem with the otherwise great media, just set your recording software to a custom size disc of 4320. Personally, I do this with DVDshrink, but it can be done with almost any recording software.

Legacy +R is extremely cheap and provides either Prodisc or BenQ (AZ2), and you may need the latest BenQ firmware if you happen to get AZ2, but otherwise, this is good media and burns to 12x speeds.

Media to avoid would include nearly all printables or other discs with a hard paint on top. Clear or frosty laquer is okay, but opaque paints are thicker and harder. Given imperfect storage and about a year of time, the hard paint will have flexed at a different rate than the disc. This creates a “coaster” but almost all of the information can be retrieved through data extraction. This problem can be prevented by storing printables in DVD cases. However, avoiding printables can save you both cash and headaches. Labels can be removed from silver discs, and when a label is removed, any label-inspired problems leave. :wink:

BenQ drives can overspeed many 4x medias to 8x. This technology has improved with the T9 firmware to provide better data integrity and better playback, even oversped to 12x. It is usually not worthwhile to overspeed to 16x in order to gain 20 seconds faster speed.

If you have T9, you could also use the CMC medias. Philips branded CMC seems to be high-grade, and the F01 (Philips +R 4x) burns at 8x for a price of $16 per 50 discs from Tiger direct.

When purchasing cheaper discs, you will sometimes have the option of the same price per disc regardless of the size of the packaging. In this case, opt for the smaller packages because they are much more resistent to shipping damage and thus give much higher quality results.

There IS a lot to consider for media besides price.
Does it perform in the BenQ?
Does it consistently maintain data integrity?
Does it play back skip-free in all of MY set-top players?
Does it last?

As you can see, those four factors are much more important than price. Some medias can annoy you by giving inconsistent results in one of these four important factors. Inconsistent medias will often have a low price, but they are most expensive of all.

So, go shopping for good deals on media (check CDfreaks Deals forum), research the media (check CDfreaks media forum), look at videohelp.com to see if your set-top player will like the media (check lists section) and make the BenQ forum the last stop to check (“post-your-scans” and other threads) and see if the good deal agrees with the BenQ drive.

Happy shopping!