Looking for, globally, mp3s:N-Trance Best Of N-trance 1992-2003



Looking for, globally, the following artists mp3s (VBR, 320kbps bitrate) full albums:

N-Trance Best Of N-trance 1992-2003
N-Trance “Electronic pleasure”
2000 Very Best Of Urban Cookie Collective
Master Blaster (any)
Element 4

if someone have pleaze upload to rapidshare or megaupload, etc…


Surely not!

This is copyrighted music.

You should read the forum rules right away. :cop:


Remember a slogan - we make internet free! All music is free and will be free.
I can obtain the megatons of mp3zzz right now, but I just need this specific items…
Its ordinary enough things, not rare


BS BS BS! :cop: