Looking for freeware Monitor setup software

does anyone know were i can get software to setup my monitor & graphics card.

until recently i have been just using onboard graphics and when i watched films or played games the picture would be dark and if i setup the display so they were normal my desktop would be far to bright. a freind said my monitor might be going down so i left it.

now i`ve got a Nvidia Geforce FX5200 and at first it was the same dark images i have played around with settings twice and have got it a lot better so i think my monitor is ok.

is there some software that will simplify the setup of contrast, brightness ect. something like this



Do a search on PCWORLD.COM. They had a monitor calibration freeware program listed a few months back.

thanks :slight_smile:

I think powerstrip can do this.


Powerstrip did the job (this was also the software on PC World), nice little tool and a lot easyer to use than the display functions in windows.

thanks again


I used it for a short while for O/C graphic card.

Powerstrip and rivatuner r00x :slight_smile:

just a small update

i have managed to setup the brightness & contrast powersrtip to show my desktop & games properly, but i can`t change the setting for video play back.

i`ve even had video playing with power dvd and when i adjust the brightness nothing happens to the picture, but desktop shows the adjustments.

is there a seperate setting for video that i`am missing?

thanks ako

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma with the nvidia sofware. Is that what you were talking about when you installed the FX5200?

i tried that but to get video play back brightness set ok my desktop would be set far to bright and unusable.

on my old pc with win98 in the display properties > advanced. it had a seperate settings for video playback but i cant find a simular setting in eather XPs display properties > advanced > FX5200 > colour correction or nview desktop manger.

thanks ako

Yo ako-

Look at this freeware:


Hopefully it is what you are looking for-


thanks Mike, i`ll have a play around later :slight_smile: