Looking for Free Software to Resize Pictures



I need one for Windows 8 & 7! Which ones are the best ones? Thanks


Depends on the complexity you want in the program and what all it can accomplish.

Gimp…fairly steep learning curve




For batch processing, I suggest giving Photo Resize Magic a try, which is lightweight and a small 0.5MB download.

Even though it was last updated 8 years ago, I never had any issue with it even with Windows 8.1. It does basically what I need for resizing, i.e. resizing to 50% or 25% the original size or resizing to within a custom dimension.

Once installed, it shows “Photo Resize Magic” as a right-click option on folders.


I still use VSO’s old Image Resizer, Obvious Ideas has bought the program from VSO and is now updating it again, and its freeware.


This one has been around for a long time. I know it works with W7 but I don’t have W8 so I’m not sure about it & I didn’t go to the website specs . You may be able to check those for W8.
It can do batch as well.


+1 for http://www.irfanview.com/


Here is a free image resizer that works like the old XP Powertoy. Just highlight the files you want to resize and right click and pick “Resize pictures.” From there is is a straightforward process.


Fastone Photo Resizer


Try Format Factory. It’s free.


Dudes…this has been answered more than adequately by UTR, weeks ago.

[EDIT: sorry…months ago…!]

Really…don´t go looking for a machine-gun to deal with a fly



Hey now, I resize in my old copy of Photoshop! That’s probably more like an antique howitzer shooting at flies…:stuck_out_tongue:

And its still possible to get Photoshop CS2 for free. Granted its 9 years old now and creaks a bit, but still fairly capable, and overkill for this thread topic.