Looking for free avi to dvd converter

can someone tell me where i can get a free avi to dvd converter?? i downloaded winavi converter + cucusoft converter but they were only trials + when i converted avi films + burned them to disk, they had banners across the middle of the screen. they said if i wanted to remove the banner i had to purchase. i went + bought winavi converter + when i convert a film using this it only gets to 99% with 1 second remaining. it doesnt get to 100% or finish converting. does anyone know of a good program that will convert them with no banners. THANK YOU

There is Windows Movie Maker (free download), Convertxtodvd, etc… Go to www.videohelp.com, and check out the tools section.

avi2dvd all the way

Which version you used? When i use old version,it had that problem too.But after i upgrade to v7.6,it haven’t had that from then on. Maybe you can try.