Looking for firmware matshita uj-840S



i’m looking for firmware for my matshita uj-840S because i want utility bitsetting



ka_rai, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You are probably not going to find any firmware upgrade for your Matshita UJ-840S laptop drive. Others have tried and failed.

The only firmware I have found is for Sony OEM versions of this drive. These firmwares will only work on Sony OEM drives as far as I know. I’m not sure whether they include bitsetting, but probably not.

You can have a look here.


Yup, surely no bitsetting possible with matSHITa firmwares/drives.


i have one that is probably done. firmware 1.00. it’s A Fujitsu OEM drive. tempted to try the Sony firmware I found.

will be looking for a replacement drive, Fujitsu has a cut/notch in their drives that makes things harder.


Cannot work. They are bound to OEM firmware.