Looking for firmware for LG GCE-8527b to enable 52x read speed

Does anyone know where can I find firmware for LG GCE-8527b to enable read speed of 52x when reading “unoriginal” CD? Right now it’s 40x.

Who told you that??


If you mean about that such firmware exist then, nobody told me, I just asked does it exist and if yes, where can I find it.

If you reffer to read speed of original CD’s then, I read that on www.benchmark.co.yu (exact link: http://www.benchmark.co.yu/vidito.php?oliver=1429&sid=4687&pop=DoP&form22=+Idi!+ ), my country’s IT site, but for model 8525B, i think it’s same for my model

btw. Nero Info Tool reports 52x read speed when there’s no CD in drive, and 40x when I insert any CD. Also, when I try copying 700MB file from CD in Total Commander, maximum read speed is 6230KB/s, while for 52x is declared 9152KB/s.

CD (pressed) is not CD-R nor CD-RW.

and the *25 drive is not similar to the *27 model.