Looking for firmware for dvd player pioneer dv-565a

Thanks indeed for info!


What’s wrong with the player, since you are looking for a firmware upgrade.

It’s very rare to find a manufacturer that release firmware upgrades for a standalone player.

Thanks for you reply! I’m very satisfied with my player. Just one thing makes me sad: i cannot watch JPG pictures 'cos it takes aproximately 60 seconds to load one and the quality is terrible. So i hope there is a new firmware somwhere on the net which could resolve the prob. Also I’m afraid it cannot play DVD+/-R R9 (double layer), but this feature I haven’t tried yet.

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Check this site, it has some answers to your questions: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDnameid=3090&Search=Search&#comments

Pioneer usually does not issue updates, only in some rare cases (like dv-575a). It can be irritating when a player does not work as it is meant to or expected to. I have the same problem with my player, but I try to get used to the shortcomings.

Thank alex thyl very much! :slight_smile: The link help me a lot.

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You are welcome. If I find some solution, I will let you know. :wink:

I wonder from where you got DVD-R 9 (DL) media and an appropriate burner…

Don’t wonder, mistakes happen. Not all CDFreaks members are experts. That is why they ask questions, hoping to get answers.