Looking for external DVD writer for Mac + Retrospect


I need an external DVD writer that I can use for a couple of Macs (iMac & laptop) whose internal drives have given up the ghost.

Complication is that a key req is for backing up with Retrospect, which is an application that seems to be fairly choosy about which drives it works with (only other reqs are usual domestic CD & DVD burning).

I would go for the Pioneer DVR-112, having had a very good experience with a DVR-111 that I installed in another Mac (G4 tower).

However, this only seems to be available as an internal drive. I notice there is a separate thread on external enclosures, which is a whole new area to me that seems fraught with complication.

Can anyone help out with a recommendation?



Last I checked there were alot of re badged 111 externals on eBay fairly cheap. Since the burner comes in an external enclosure it should work well with it, mine has. http://shop.ebay.com/__Drives-Storage_comstar_W0QQProductType42be380bZDVDRWRWDrivesBurners1c35a5fbQQ_nkwZcomstarQQ_fxdZ1