Looking for External DVD Drive, HELP!

Hello. I am new here. Currenly I am looking for an external DVD drive for my laptop.
I have Toshiba Satellite A75-S226 (3+yrs Old) and want to hook up the external DVD drive.

I want to clean up HDD and at the same time create DVD (for movies and videos)
that can be played in the typical DVD player.

I was hoping to find the reviews on the latest external DVD drives, but
could not find the relevant one. So here is my request for your HELP!

After reading some of the reviews online, I narrowed to 4 choices.

Samsung: SE-S164L
Samsung: SE-S184M

I want to know which one of them allows a quality scan, can create quality DVDs,
makes least noise, and easiest(?) software operation.

Thank you very much in advance!!

Welcome to the forum. Most of the external drives are the same as the internal drives, so look at the internal model to get an idea of how it will work with your chosen media. Also, you can easily make your own drive by getting this case and adding just about any drive you could want.