Looking for even more storage ? Violet lasers are coming soon

I just posted the article Looking for even more storage ? Violet lasers are coming soon.

Joachim used our newssubmit to tell us that Compoundsemiconductor.net reports that a Taiwanese university has developed a violet laser diode. A violet laser beam has a shorther wavelength then the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5467-Looking-for-even-more-storage--Violet-lasers-are-coming-soon.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5467-Looking-for-even-more-storage--Violet-lasers-are-coming-soon.html)

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so why not just skip bluray and go to vioray? Since neither are released yet, it only makes sense.

yes, it makes sense, but those greedy capitalists never do anything that makes sense, they only do things that make money. If they skip one or more generations, they won’t be able to earn money with it. Damn greedy bastards. You know, Intel has already developed a chip, which is at least one billion times faster than the fastest pentium 4. It has a totally new architecture - exchange of molecules on the atomic level, I mean the processor is there, they have built it, they just don’t sell it. Why? because then they wouldn’t be able to sell all those slow pentiums 4, 5 and 6 and whatever. I think we should stop buying every shit Intel and others are feeding us. We should tell Intel - either you give us the good shit, or we stop buying your shit at all and wait till the real stuff comes out. same with these violet lasers. What kind of crap is that? yesterday they forced us to buy vhs, the day after cd-i, then svhs, then dvd, then red/blue laser, and somewhen in the future violet. And we are going to the shop like sheep and buy all that crap.

Hey, take consideration to the amount of money spent to research on such devices!

Violet is about as far as it goes in terms of single/dual layer :slight_smile: Maybe possibly UV, but then there are ionisation issues as plastics tend to break down on UV light. Further up the spectrum are X-Ray and Gamma Ray, but could one imagine the shielding that would be required on one of these player if developed! :* I read about a year back about using multilayer, e.g. a 100 layer red laser using the same track width of DVD-R could in theory hold 470GB :9 I wonder what happened to the development here…

Anybody remember the plasma drive or the reasearch on quartz crystal as a storage medium??..:7

Hey, WRFan, give cray a call, they have the computer for you…

@ WRFan: a BILLION times faster? hmmmm. exchange of information on an atomic level? hmmm. so basically what you’re saying is, Intel has developed a microprocessor capable of 3.06 quadrillion calculations per clock cycle - 3.06 petabytes / s - using data pipelines smaller than the capacity of currently known science by a factor of 1000? mmmmhmmmm. FACTS, not fiction: the most currently advanced chip manufacturing process that is currently even theoretically in development is a .11 micron process, current is .13. what you’re claiming would be more like a .001 micron. currently fastest native clock speed projected by ANYONE is in the specs for the new AMD “Hammer” series which are anticipating a near-future clock cycle of 4.0 GHz. Your guesstimate places CURRENT available but undeveloped technology a factor of 1.0e9 ahead of that in terms of speed. i wonder if you know where i can get the engineering diagrams for that water-powered car engine, too. :4

oh, and while i’m at it: FYI, molecules are BIGGER than atoms. Not smaller.

lol seanbyrne, let’s hope nobody ever tries to make a gamma ray drive. think about the strain on your power supply! i don’t think 300W would cut it. Maybe we can induce fission inside the computer… then we’ll be in luck. :8

The Datacube… a one inch cube, back in the late seventies I think, maybe mid eighties, I’ll see if I can find the article. Used 3 reference lasers and a read laser, and could store data in 3 dimensions, theoretical storage capacity… 1 Terabyte. Ahh… I’ll take 5 of those right now, thanks. The equipment took up the rest of the lab, but the data was still stored in the one inch cube. I’ll still take it.