Looking for DVD Recorder or gadget that overrirdes the copy-right protection

Does anyone know if there’s a DVD Recorder or gadget/device that overrirdes the copy-right protection on DVD’s when trying to make a personal copy?

Are you copying from another DVD player or using a PC?

Indeed. How are we supposed to help when you don’t post the relevant info?

Yep Me too!

I am trying to do from DVD PLAYER (pioneer dv344) to DVD RECORDER (philips dvdr-3365). As i want to make LEGAL back-ups of my kids original DVD’s as they keep damaging them :disagree:

Yesterday i went and bought one of those “Digital Video Enhancer & Stabilizer” boxes that everyone claims they work perfectly in bypassing the macrovision Copyright Protection … but it does NOT work :sad: :sad: Tried to copy from dvd player to dvd recorder, tried to copy a vhs to dvd recorder and even tried playing the dvd player through the vcr line and then (dvd recorder) recording the vcr.
Unless i’m doing something wrong i just wasted $129 :sad: :sad:

Anyone have any suggestions? There is obviously a way to do it otherwise there wouldn’t be so many illegal pirated copies floating around out there.

Thanking you all kindly in advance for any help :slight_smile:

@annsheree: Perhaps you could let us know the make and model number of the enhancer/stabilizer box, and where the information is that led you to believe it would remove macrovision?

A correctly-functioning time-base stabilizer should fix Macrovision protection for both VHS and DVD sources. The time-base jitter is recorded directly on VHS tapes, while for DVDs it’s applied to the video output by the player when the Macrovision flag is present on the DVD, but the effect is the same in either case.

If you have a computer with a DVD writer, it’s easy enough to find free software that will make backup copies of DVDs, removing CSS copy protection, region coding, and Macrovision. Considering that you can get a DVD writer for your computer for less than $30 now, maybe that’s the cheapest solution.

If you don’t want to use a computer, it’s possible to disable the Macrovision protection on some DVD players. Many older Apex DVD players (and related brands) have a secret “no Macrovision” factory code that you can enter with the remote control. I’m lucky enough to have one of those. There was a news item today that the DVD association is suing Samsung over the same thing in one of their DVD players. You can probably find many more with an internet search. Doesn’t help if you don’t have one of these models, but you could probably pick one up on eBay for peanuts.

the one i have is “video enhancer & stabilizer” AR1822
a link to an ebayer who says it removes macrovision … http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5836264778&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

Also there is one called " GoDVD" Sima CT-200 … which is identical just different name and their website also claims “easily allows you to transfer any type of VHS format as well as “protected” DVD content to DVD, and the GoDVD Deluxe also supports NTSC and PAL formats.”
Link is http://www.smarthome.com/77739.html

Doesn’t matter anymore :slight_smile:

Today I found and brought a Macrovision Free DVD Player :clap:

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Have posted this in a different section, but thought i should still post here in case anyone is still following this thread :wink:

Okay for all who may be waiting to hear if it worked…

:iagree: :clap: :clap: It worked Perfectly :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Today I backed up Madagascar & Charlie and the chocolate factory, which are both new movies here in australia. It copied with no problems what so ever, no macrovision issues, no issues with sound or picture either!!

Definately the best darn $129 i ever spent!! :clap: :clap: