Looking for DVD recorder macro free with divx?

hi, i am going through loads of different dvd recorders trying to find the mutts, but i still haven’t quite found ‘the one’

started with a philips 880 (don’t laugh) actually lasted a few years without fault :eek:
then tried an alba :o (less said about that one the better)

then moved onto a yamada 8500X which is ok, but i would like a HDD. and No Macrovision

so i finally bought a Yamada DVR-9000H which has excellent picture and menu and is the best by far with everything i need, except it doesn’t play divx :frowning:

so can anyone point me in the direction of a DVD HDD (40Gb+) Recorder, that is region/Macro free, and plays Divx?

or am i asking for the moon on a stick :iagree: :disagree:

Yes, i guess so, Macrovision free will be hard to get, i guess you should take a look on the www.videohelp.com site it has a special section for that,
but i guess you can rip the disc you’ve recorded,with DVDdecrypter or DVDShrink, you should avoid any DVD-recorder, that only records on minus recordable media, because of the CPRM protection in a lot of DVD writers,at the moment i have a cheap DVD video recorder, Vestel, RW200,it has no Hard Disk, but it records on plus DVD media, and records also both major tv standard systems (only one at the same time, on a disc) PAL & NTSC onto disc, works fine for me, and edit “work” i do with TMPGEnc DVD Author, to edit out unwanted parts,without quality loss.