Looking for DVD-R media that is silver not blue on media side

Hey guys I am seeking DVD-R media that is silver on the data side of the dvd, most dvd-r media I run across is blue. Being inket printable is a plus. Please post some recommendations!!

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[I]For what I know[/I] don’t exists such a media. The only media that have silver instead of blue are pressed discs.

blue to bluish-purple are your only options.

Hey guys I am seeking DVD-R media that is silver on the data side of the dvd, most dvd-r media I run across is blue

Doesn’t exist :disagree:

It is available in a nice purple colour though :bigsmile:

TDK armour plated 4x dvd-r discs are gold colour rather than blue-purple. And top quality media to boot.

Funny this same question pops up here from time to time and I always wonder why anyone cares about what color is the underside of a DVD. I know there are probably legitimate reasons for this but somehow I always imagine that the motivation is to make pirated copies look more like the “real thing”. Apologies to poster if that’s way off target.

Combine that with inkjet printable :eek:. But piper890 deserves the benefit of the doubt. I’ve never seen and the first I’ve heard of recordable DVD media being any other color than a shade of purple is that mention of TDK. bear17, have you seen these discs, have a picture of the dye? I’d be interested in seeing it if you happen to have a picture. Not for reasons of doubting you, just the ‘cool’ factor. Wow I have no life when I think that’s cool. :Z

LOL :bigsmile: - count me in, I’ve been a “cool factor” addict with media since the old days of translucent colored vynil discs :wink: - gee did I love these things…

I’d also like to see a picture of the TDK armour data side. I had no idea they were goldish. I’ve ben interested with this media for long, but the high price prevented me from ordering some.

I remember buying one of those TDK 4x Armor Coated discs; it was made in Japan and indeed the dye was some funky gold-ish color. Here’s a pic of the recordable layer: http://dvd-r.jpn.org/media/zoom/TDK_4xSHCback.jpg

Thanks :slight_smile: - looks more greenish than goldish on the picture (almost impossible to have “real” colors with scans…:() , but definitly not purple. Interesting.

Looks that way to me too. Could be the use of a gold reflective layer. Gold + blueish/purplish dye=green (or greenish anyway). Makes sense.

Golden/silver dvds? Too expensive.

Wasn’t there something from Hi-Space also expensive.

I see about the same thing, it looks as though the dye itself is actually about the same as typical media but the clear bottom layer isn’t clear with these discs, but a yellow tint that gives the impression of a goldish-green dye. An illusion. :sad: Thanks for the scan Two Degrees

thanks for your help guys, I run a small company that makes dvd movies with custom menus for people from their dv cameras, weddings etc. Just wanted something that looked more retail than the blue-tinted sides. I knew of a company in russia that did illegal movie copies on silver and dual layer dvd-r that you couldn’t destinguish from the real thing so I knew the were out there, asking that company is not an option because they wouldn’t tell me anyway. I’m sure some of you know were to buy such disks but wouldn’t tell me for reasons that it may be used for illegal reasons and I understand.

I truly don’t believe such a thing exists, I don’t think that silver dye exists. I don’t think anyone’s hiding it. Are you sure that the Russian company you are speaking of was actually ‘burning’ DVD media, or were they actually PRESSING discs? That’s probably all they were doing, if it was a big enough operation they could have been pressing discs.

I am not certain of it they very well may have been pressing. I know that a transparent dye exists its called PhthaloCyanine dye, a company called mam-a used to have gold printable dvd-r but no longer do.

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