Looking for dvd label graphics website

I am looking for some websites to download dvd label graphics for printable media. I currently use Daproggers and cdcovers.cc. I like Daproggers but they need more selections and cdcovers.cc is a pain to use with all the popups if it even works, which half the time it doesn’t. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Try this covers search engine.

Thankyou, I’ll give it a try

Have a look at this site. It list several different sites complete with ratings. Some are pretty good and others are duds.

http://dvd-covers.com/ :rolleyes:


Mort you need a bit of help
Mega covers will seach cdcovers and other worse sites. Forget it.

As we know, most pictures in cdcovers.cc simply sucks. People upload total scrap with very low quality scan/resolution.

dvd-covers rating is just ridiculous.
Rating 5 stars for cdcovers and 3 stars for daprogger is just another spam site for cdcovers.

I use daprogger and the following sites.

Only for cd/dvd, not for dvd covers. These are usually custom made, but they are pretty good and well designed. Some lack resolution but give it a try. You will be surprised.

A bit like daprogger. High res with a mix of custom and scan. IMO, alot faster to download for the same file size.
Very good for dvd covers. Not many cd/dvd covers.

Thanks LucyFer,
Those look like they will help. I tried that site pattheman gave me and it loaded my system full of ad-ware and spam-ware. I spent most of the afternoon trying to get rid of it. Thanks. I appreciate everyones replies.

Sorry for the trash you got from the site I reccomended. I never really thought about it. I have my system protected against such threats. I sometime forget that everyone else isn’t as anal as I.

I wasn’t blaming you. I ask for info and took what I could get. It somehow got through my firewall and anti-virus. BTW you should try those sites that Lucyfer provided. I like them even better than Daproggers. Between the three you can find almost anything, usually with several choices.

Thanks for the recomendation. I will try them. Hopefully I won’t get full of ads and spyware (lol)

There’s a new site offering Hi res covers.


It’s pretty new. But growing fast.

Jordan :wink: