Looking for dvd-drive / external case

im looking to purchase a dvd drive and external case. ive read great reviews of the benq 1640 (although i cant find it for sale online…most places are selling the 1655). regardless, im looking for a drive that will work well with an external case and also need recommendations on specific external cases for that drive. i would really appreciate the help. im using the drive mostly for movie backup, playing dvds, etc. ill be using it mostly with a dell latitude d400 running windows xp pro sp2. any input is greatly appreciated.

I have a 1655 in a Prolific 3507 chipset case. It is currently limited to 12x burning on USB2 and 8x on Firewire as there is no external firmware out for the drive.

The 1655 is a 1650 with lightscribe and is burning better than my 1640 did, I would say that this could be a good setup to look at.