Looking for DVD cases for Xbox 360 (translucent green) and Wii (white)

So I’m looking for blank DVD cases for Xbox 360 backups (translucent green) and Wii backups (white). Anyone know any good deals on these cases?

I haven’t found any locally (I’m in Edmonton, Canada) so I’m thinking I’ll have to order online. I have been using standard black ones for the Xbox 360 and translucent white ones for the Wii. I’ve decided that I’d prefer to have the correct colors though.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

I’ve always had good luck at Meritline. I buy all of my accessories there and some media.

They have white DVD cases, 50 for $10.99 or 100 for $19.99

They also have green DVD cases for the same price but I don’t know if they’re the [I]translucent [/I]green.

Thank you for the heads up on Meritline, I’ve never used them and just got a fantastic price on 200 Black slim cases!

I know this doesn’t help to OP but I just wanted to say TY for the info :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion. Meritline isn’t a bad price, but they only have the old style original Xbox caes (solid green), not the transulcent green Xbox 360 ones.

FYI in case anyone down the road finds this thread. I found http://www.blankdvdmedia.com/dvdcases.php to be the best deal and it had both items I was looking for.

Well, I sent Blankdvdmedia.com a few emails with quesitons about combined shipping and never heard back from them. I tried to call a few times as well with no answer. So I decided to dig around a bit and from the sound of it they have extremely bad customer service. So I won’t be ordering from them.

Anyone else have any other suggestions? I’m totally out of cases now. :frowning:

I buy my LP jackets and sleeves from them and they provide excellent service…

Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to just go with black since tracking down colored cases just ended up being too much of a pain (and expense). $25 for 100 at a local retailer (double sided), how can you go wrong. I print out full color covers anyway, so it’s not a deal breaker if the cases are black I guess.