Looking for DVD Burning and Encoding Program

Hey guys,

Im new here and needed a good answer from people who have actually used this type of software. I am looking for a program that can take most any type of video file and convert in to dvd format and burn it to a DVD for playing in a dvd player. I bought Power2Go 6 yesterday and it does not work as advertised, its very hard to find a program that lists all its features. Power2Go does not tell you that it cant encode 16:9 format (it only does 4:3). I need to be able to take almost any type of video file and convert it to dvd format. Also, i would like to get a program that will automatically fit it to the dvd. Menus and what not are not important to me. I need it to have good quality in terms of converting. I also dont care how long it takes to convert and burn. Is there such a program in existence? Any information is much appreciated.

There are a couple of good free programs for this, DVDFlick and AVStoDVD.



I prefer the HC encoder in AVStoDVD, but DVDFlick is generally regarded as being easier to learn and use. Both programs can be set up to burn automatically once the dvd is finished, but it isn’t the default option.

A good commercial program for this process is ConvertXtoDVD.

Hey Thanks!

I have DVDFlick but have not been able to get it to burn to disc. Also, does AVStoDVD have the shrink to fit disc option?

I might get ConvertXtoDVD if it has all the options im looking for.

To burn automatically with DVDFlick, go to Project Settings when you first start your project. Click on Burning, then put a check mark in the box that says [I]Burn project to disc[/I]. You’ll need to make sure your burner is recognized by the program (will be listed in the drop down box in that window) and you’ll need to set the burning speed. DVDFlick uses ImgBurn for the actual burn, and ImgBurn is included in the download package with DVDFlick. You can also install ImgBurn separately if you prefer.

Both DVDFlick and AVStoDVD will compress the video to fit your target dvd size. Both have options to make the video fit either a DVD-5 (4.3gb) or a double layer DVD-9 which can hold 7.95gb. Most people want to use regular single layer dvds, so use the DVD-5 setting for that.

ConvertX can do all of this also.