Looking for DVD backup software

I’m new to the world of backing up DVD’s. I have a vast collection of DVD’s but I also have a couple of kids who don’t take the best care of them so I would like to make backups. I am looking for advice on the best software for doing this that I can buy online. I tried searching online but there are so many I don’t know where to begin or which is best???

I have Windows XP Pro and a Pioneer DVR-111D 16X burner

I have tried couple of them and cloneDVD has my preference. Whit this program you can remove all foreign languages or bonus material you don’t want and have movie fit on one disc without too many compression.

if you are newbee and want easiest program 1clickdvdcopy is very good also. Only problem with this you cannot split movie in 2 disc if you don’t want to compress anything. 3 hours movie must be split if you want to preserve quality and not see any artifact when listening them.

If you want to find a easy DVD copy tool, I suggest you try Ideal DVD Copy. After you insert the original DVD and blank media, you can begin the copying process by just one click. And it can compress a DVD to a 4.7GB blank media directly. Also, if you don’t want to lose quality, you can choose split your DVD to two blank media.

DVDShrink and ImageBurn - both are free.