Looking for dvd authoring software that can let you fit 10 hours of movie onto 4.7gb

I am looking for a dvd authoring tool that will alow me to transfer all my avi files (640480 resolution 3.7gb all together) onto a single dvd of 4.7gb, for some reason nero’s auhtoring tool and power producer dont let me do it because after compiling the dvd its HUGE (40 gigabytes or something) I managed to get it down to 15 gb using lowest everything in power producer which maintained the resoultion at 640480 (nero doesnt seam to let me do a 640*480), I didn’t notice a quality loss on the compiled dvd compared to the avi’s (obviously becase the quality wasn’t all that great).

So i’m looking for a dvd authoring tool that will let me stick 10 hours of film onto a dvd, the AVI’s altogether are smaller than the dvd.

Convert your films/files into KVCD’s (with 48000 audio freq’) and then load them into “DVD-lab PRO” and then you’ll be able to creat menu’s & so on.

I’ve done dvd’s with between 5 - 6 movies on each.

Hope this helps

10 hours of video on a SL DVD is simply overkill.

640x480 is no usable res and normally avi (which is surely mpeg4) is smaller than mpeg2 for DVD.