Looking for decent video editing on small $

I’ve used Premier 6.0 before but I need something that will handle newer file formats such as WMV/OGG/MP3/DivX/XviD/Etc (in XP Pro). The bad thing about it is that I have almost no budget for this. I’m not looking for a ton of bells and whistles but I do need to be able to splice, transition, and synch multiple video and audio tracks relatively well. I’m willing to take on a moderate learning curve if need be. If there’s not a single tool that can tackle my request how about a set of different programs that compliment each other?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Edit: I tried searching but there’s too many variables to get anywhere with that method

I don’t know of any product that does all formats and does them all well. There are many free tools that do many of these well, but for avi to mpeg or mpeg4, there are only a handful of good tools. Start by looking at www.videohelp.com, and you should find most of what you are looking for.

VirtualDUB & VirtualDUBMod can splice/edit/etc AVI files, and its free :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m using VirtualDUBMod now and I can edit my PVR recordings (yay).

Now I just need to know if there are any reliable tools that can edit WMV files (version 9 I believe). The output files from Lionhead Studio’s “The Movies” only comes in this format and I want to do some more advanced editing than the “game” provides. I’m checking the link from the first reply now.

i use a simple video editor PresentaVid, the price is 99.95, but of course it has a demo-version, so you can see for yourself if it’ll do