Looking for deals on DVD-RW media

I am looking for deals on DVD-RW (4.7 GB) media online, for LG 5120D external drive (ritek would be prefered). I am planing to purchase a set of 100 blank media. I did a quick search on froogle but, would like to know if there are any special deals going on for this media.

Rima would be my choice for that volume.

Any special reason why it should be DVD-RW?

Choose DVD+RW 4x unless you have a special reason.


Ritek has made DVD+RW media at least since 2001 and is quite experienced in that.

Well, I need an RW disk. My laptop system and my DVD players are kinda compatible only with DVD-RW. That is the reason I am going with DVD-RW.

By the way thanks, for the links. I will look into it.