Looking for CMC MAG.AF1 in USA HELP!

I’ve been trying to find a blank DVD-R that will play
in my xbox, and my old DVD player the
Sony DVP-S570D.
I’ve been using Memorex from walmart
and Amazon and they don’t work (-RW: RitekW01,-R: ProdiscS03).

I just recently purchase a after market dvd
from France, and I noticed it played perfect in my xbox,
and my old dvd player (Sony DVP-S570D). I ran DVDIndentifier on it, and
it says that the dvd was made by CMC.

Unique Disk Identifier: CMC MAG.AF1
Mgr Name: CMC Magnetics Inc.

I clicked on more info, it took me the following site.


Are these disk available in the USA? If so, where? Are they any
good? Where can I find reviews on them?

Does anyone have any other suggestion on DVD-R of good-excellent quality that will play on XBOX, and old dvd players?

My Setup…

LG GSA-4040B A304
Ulead Factory Studio 6
Nero 6
Win2k Server Sp4, PIII Dual 1.0ghz



Check out this page for some brands that use that code: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=&dvdmediadvdridsearch=CMC+MAG.AF1+&type=6&size=All&dvdburnspeed=All&searchdvdwriter=&searchdvdplayer=&order=Name&search=Search+or+List+Media
Most people around here don’t have a very high opinion of CMC though. TDK 4x DVD-Rs have a TTG01 code and are made by CMC for TDK. These are very good discs. Costco has 25 packs for $20.

Drop by Staples and look for HP DVD-R, it might be CMC. You can usually tell a CMC spindle by the taller verticle lip on the cakebox. Prodisc will have a lip that’s about 1/4", CMC will be almost 3/8" high. They are easy to tell apart when you have them side-by-side. CMC is great media in the right burner, and very consistant.

It might be hard for you to find any CMCMAGAF1 (4X DVD-R) since CMC has switched to manufacturing all 8X DVD-R now.
The 8X CMC DVD-R has a MID of CMCMAGAE1 and seems to be pretty good stuff. :smiley:
You can find this branded as Philips 8X DVD-R or Memorex 8X DVD-R.

Are these TDK any good?


The TDK are made by CMC. They do well enough in many drives, but not well in a few drives. (mush the same as CMC do)

LOL RDG, you been watching the Iditarod?

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I have had great results burning these in a Liteon 812s and an NEC 3500a. Plus, if you buy them at Costco and they don’t work well for you, you can return them. :slight_smile:

I get good results at 4x and 6x with my NEC 2500

If there is a biglots near you (and they have any left) they have khypermedia (no speed listed on the package) 25 pak for 13$. Out of 8 packs that I got, 2 were cmcmag, 1 was tdk, and 5 were cmcmagaf1. I returned the ones with cmcmagaf1 media codes though. I already have a 50pk of value disk that I got at officemax a while ago that are cmcmagaf1. I cannot get them to burn decent (or even readable) for anything. The cmcmag and the tdk had acceptable scans when burned at 1x though. I also have tried the cmcmage01 (phillips 8x + media) and got great scans on every one so far. Looks like they are improving things with their 8x media.

I got some CMC AF1’s at Office Max. They were in a spindle of 50 sold under the name “Value Disc”. The DVD’s have a dark blue top that says “Value Disc” and “DVD-R”. At the time I bought them, they were on sale. No telling what the price and availablilty is now.