Looking for cheap 4x -R media



That will burn in both my NEC 2500 and my Optorite DD0203 at the same time and at 4x( I figure 2 discs at 4x will beat one disc at 8x for now ).


RitekG04 are usually a good price and probably umong the best of the “cheaper” class of media. It is also widely available.
Buy in smaller batches to ensure the media works fine with your drive(s) so you don’t get 100 pack of lemons for example.
Keep in mind “cheaper” media can of course vary from batch to batch.

My picks would be Taiyo Yuden (TY) <-- expensive, MCC, Maxell, Ritek/Ricoh and CMC in that order.

If you are looking for anything “cheaper” I cannot in my right mind recommend any. Ultra-cheap media is just not worth it imho.


I use Ritek now with no problems so I guess I’ll stick with em. Thanks