Looking for CD/DVD drive with best CD error correction

I have an old audio CDR (not scratched, just no-name cd brand and maybe bad writer) that I want to rip in EAC Secure mode (when I use either Burst or any other program I get static clicks in files). I’ve tried to rip it using LiteOn DH20A4P, LiteOn LTR-40125S, Samsung SH-S162L and Optiarc AD-5260S but I get Sync Error. Right now I’m trying to rip it using LG GCE-8527B, so far I’m not getting any errors or clicks, but it’s super slow:

Is there any hope for this disc? Could you recommend me any drive that has better error correction than my drives? Thank you for help.

Maybe that help a little. I hope the links are ok.

Best Drive for (normal every day) error correction i ever had is a Benq 1640 or 1655.

The best thing for Audiodiscs with “placed Errors” aka copy protection is the Yamaha F1 for me. I dont have any Plextor drive.


Burner tested until 2011… and then the stopped i dont know why.
The site is sometimes a little bit low.




When I made images of old audio CD-Rs I ended up using a UJ8B1 after trying about 30 different drives. The UJ8B1 is a SATA laptop drive made by Panasonic, but it’s best to just search by the model number if you’re interested in buying one. They’re dirt cheap on eBay, but you’ll either need a compatible laptop or a laptop-SATA to desktop-SATA adapter cable. Most of the drives for sale are pulls from laptops and have the laptop brand, not Panasonic, in the product info.

I wasn’t using EAC, but I was reading each CD fully twice and verifying that the images matched. It certainly did a better job of reading weak/borderline audio CD-Rs correctly than the other drives, and all of the other drives had previously been found to be well above average at reading weak data CD-Rs.

It’s not completely magic though, and it couldn’t fully salvage my very worst discs (ATIP 97m22s18f). Of course, discs with that ATIP are so bad that even the data discs (with much more error-correction data on them) were mostly unreadable within six months of being burned. That was 17 years ago, so it’s not like the audio discs had a chance of being read cleanly now.

Good luck! :slight_smile: