Looking for cartridge-type DVD-RAM

I am looking for a good quality cartridge DVD-RAM drive. The only one I can find (on english websites at least) are Panasonic ones, which according to their website are discontinued.

At the www.meritline.com website I found 3 versions but I have no idea exactly what one to get. SW-9572-C SW-9573-C and SW-9574-C.

The Panasonic ones look like they’ll do the job, however I would prefer one that only accepts cartridges and has an option for a black bezel. Though id take a beige that only accept cartridges in a heartbeat.

Either cartridges are getting really hard to get or my ISP is hiding 90% of the internet from me :frowning:

Extra info, I searched these forums and found some links but some were outdated and others not in english.

I’m no expert, but I am interested in a cartridge ram drive as well. I’d get one of those units before they are all gone. One is internal and I presume IDE connection, while the other two are external USB or Firewire. I wont pay an extra $100 for the cartridge load feature, so I guess I’ll just wait for High Def to make it totally obsolete.

I don’t know what you mean by “only accepts cartridges”—I burn maybe one CD a year on my DvD burners. But anyway, don’t think you have a choice in that department.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, I remember back on my old 486 we had a 4x CDROM reader that had a slot for cartridges, it was very cool.

Anyway, I might just have to get a drive with the tray-loading cartridge then. Im surprised the cartridges didn’t pick up more for commercial backups etc instead of being difficult to get.

Cartridges are “rare.” I found them on sale at Best Buy and they have always been in stock there. Can also pick them up at the Phillips website. So far, I’ve tried about 15 different types of DvD media. Only one to work flawlessly has been the Phillips Ram Disks. I have bad luck though.