Looking for blank DL DVD+-R recommendations

I’m looking to buy a spindle (if it’s economical at all) of either dual layer DVD+R or DVD-R discs. I was wondering if anybody could recommend me discs based on longevity (as best as we can tell right now anyway) and relatively compatibility (in terms of computer DVD drives, not DVD players). Also, the cheaper the better. Speed is not an issue. I don’t care if they’re only rated at 1x so long as they’re good at it. Anyone have suggestions?

Verbatims are the only way to go

:iagree: I agree :iagree:

All other DL can´t match with Verbatim

Burner make and model?

I guess that all burners are work pretty well with Verbatim :slight_smile:

The question was for the poster. Unless he gives his burner info, no suggestions are really relavant.

Some burners do well with Ricoh DL, and a couple do well with some of the Ritek.

have a SOHW 1693s, memorex +R DL are the big seller are they any good or crap like most memorex?

Don’t even suggest to your LiteOn that you might feed it Memorex DL. :eek:
Made by Ritek, they are pure poison. :Z

Ritek? Not recommend

I actually have 2 burners. One is an NEC 3540a which I’ve found to be good at burning, but rather poor at reading. The other is a Lite-On SOHW 1693s, which I just ordered, but came to me defective and I’m having to RMA (It wouldn’t read any DVD-R, +R, CD-R, and only a few DVD’s, plus the warranty sticker was broken). So I’ll be able to burn with either one, what I care about though is that future drives will be able to read whatever I burn. thanks for the feedback so far.


Actually it looks like DL DVD might be out of my price range afterall. Looks like I’ll stay with regular DVD±R, I’ll try and search for some recommendations on that before I start a new thread.

Either of those drives will favor the Verbatim (MCC) DL media. Anything else will be a crap shoot.

My local Microcenter has Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R DL 10-Pack cakeboxes, made in Singapore, #95166, for $20.

Sure beats the $15 3-Packs (with jewel cases) they have been selling.

Now I don’t feel as bad about testing/wasting DL media.

At this point in time, for dual-layer recordable DVD media, ONLY go with Verbatim DVD+R DL.

Avoid all DVD-R DL period, and avoid non Verbatim DVD+R DL.

Office max has it for the same price (for those not near a micro center). Thats assuming that they even have it in stock (office max is bad about that). Could always get someone to price match office max though.

A great price. :clap:

I wish we could get them anywhere near that cheaply downunder. :sad:

Anyway, what was it they say in “The Highlander”? - “There can be only one.”

Whilst that shouldn’t be the case with dual layer media, unfortunately, for the time being there really isn’t any brand worth bothering with save for Singapore made Verbatim Data Life Plus +R.

Perhaps if Mitsubishi branded -R dual layer media were generally available it would be worth the punt but I doubt that anyone outside Japan has ever seen them for sale.