Looking for Black Bezels for LG GSA-1463

Hi Folks , I looking for BLACK bezels for my LG writer but after much browsing the web i’ve not managed to find one retailer in the UK . Any you guys and gals came across them i’d appreciate some info .

Many Thanks in Advance .


Not a 4163?!

Yes your right . I made a mistake . Thanks . Looking for Bezels for the LG 4163 :doh: .

Thanks .

There selling them on eBay, but I can’t understand the language.
Blende für DVD-Brenner LG-4163B schwarz (LG 4163 black) Aktuelles Gebot: EUR 5,50

It’s the one you want.

(language is german)

Cheers Cdnateek and chef . Much appreciated . I’ll have a look on ebay . Did see a set on ebay.com but they wan’t $23 for them including postage . I would have been as well buying a new drive . Thanks again folks .