Looking for better mainboard?



My gaming pc is using the 440 chipset W/PII. I’m upgrading to PIII@600Mhz, Thought about upping to a main board w/810 or the 820 chipset. Any comments weather it’s worth the expence, and what brand??? Was looking at a DFI w/820 chipset


There is a new main board " ASUS P3C-2000 " with 133 Mhz and a intel 820 chipset.
That works great by me

GrtZ DJ Je@n


ThankZ. I found the ASUS Site


I would have to agree, I would never buy anything other then an Asus for any situation. Great boards!


Did I read somewhere that it is a jumperless mainboard??? I’m looking at the same board. I was just wondering.



Yep , the ASUS P3C - 2000 is jumperless

GrtZ DJ Je@n


Just ordered mine today. After doing some research I found that I like the new features,UDMA66 support, new chip set 820, JUMPERLESS, that was a big plus. Well know better tomorrow.

Thanks for the info