Looking for best media to use with NEC1300A

today i got a NEC1300A and installed to my computer all ready to burn.
Now i’m wondering about what media to get for this burner.
especialy on the dvd side of things cause i’ll use my plextor 48/24/48A for al cd burning.

first of all i would like to know wich dvdr are recomended for data archiving (long lasting)

and second wich are the best for dvdvideo

currently i was advised by a shop that sells nearly only dvd/cd media to get a bunch of arita 4x dvd+r because the nec1300a is a better “+”
writer then that it is a “-” writer
was a bit hessitating because here in europe arita’s were a pretty lame disc before according to the man in the shop the brandname “arita” in europe was sold and the discs are very good now especialy for the price

any thoughts opinions on this? (preferably facts)


We really don’t know anything about the long term stability of DVD media. Have a look around the media test forums and search them for “1300A” to see if anyone has posted tests for your drive.

the Ricoh and TY made media is working best in most drives.

Here is a list of media people have tried out on this burner. No testing in a controlled manner, just anectdotal, but may give a general idea of what will work.


If you don’t know, arita is owned by ritek and have always been if I’m right.

I’m very satisfied with the 100 arita 4X (RICOHJPNR01) DVD+R discs I bought. Not tested them in the NEC though.

Make sure to grab the latest firmware for the nec, official v1.08 is found at http://herrie.rpc1.org (also have modified and unofficial versions).

For long time storage I don’t know but I don’t think the arita discs is worse than others.

thanks for all the replies

I found herrie’s link already before i got the nec so the first thing i did was flash it. ill wait for his version 0f 1.08 before moving to that one

to clarify what i heard about the arita the following.
untill recently the european brandname arita was owned by some german guy who used it to dump cheap cd’s on the european market. I remember a cdr i had once that was nearly transparant or so to say one could easile see al kind of shapes through it.
aparently the guy stopped and sold the brandname to ricoh who now owns it worldwide

i also heard good things about ritek

There are 2 companny’s named arrita are out there one is the B brand of Ritek and the other is a Dutch Companny.(New Arrita)

Good DVD-R’s are generally speaking:

Not ritek.
It is true that RIteks G04 were very good in the begining. However the ones sold today very much in quality. From good to poor. So at this moment I can’t recommend G04.
Still ritek is miles ahead of compannies like Princo

Good DVD+R


About ageing MAM(MITSUI) still guarantees 75 years for there DVD recordables. And all MAM disc’s come with the gurantee.
IF the disc’s fails then the disc will be replaced.
Still the quality of MAM disc’s seem to be lower as the ones mentioned above.