Looking for best DVD-R reader, recommendations wanted

Hi, I’m looking for either a DVD-ROM drive or a burner. Here’s my situation:
I’ve had a Toshiba SDR-5002 for a long time and have done a couple hundred burns all on Ritek G03 and G04 media. This drive was starting to die, so I recently bought an NEC 3540A. While it burns well, I’m finding the NEC terrible as a reader. It finds CRC errors on many of my older discs that read fine in the Toshiba. Also it’s given me very poor performance playing back AVI’s I’ve encoded that span the whole disc. It will give me stuttering playback during complex scenes that the Toshiba handles without a problem; even with discs that I’ve recorded on the NEC! So anyway, what I want to do now is either return the NEC drive and buy a completely new DVD burner, or else keep it and use it for my burns, and buy a DVD-ROM for reading. To keep it simple, here are my criteria:

-a great reputation for reading DVD-R’s, particularly Ritek G03’s and G04’s
-can playback high quality AVI files off a DVD-R with ease, without stuttering (I’m talking about 4.38GB Xvid encoding with surround sound at 800x432 resolution)
-(if a burner) burn speeds are not an issue, I’m a patient guy, burn quality is though, I want future drives to be able to read the discs I burn

Through some research on the forums, here are some drive names I’ve seen come up. Please feel free to share any experience with these drives, or offer other names that you think would work well for me:
LiteOn 167T
LiteOn 16P9S
Aopen 1648
BenQ 1640
BTC 1008

I’ve ripped RITEKG04s with pretty horrible scans in my BenQ 1640 with no problems.

I concure my benq 1620 has proved to be a very good rom with very good initiation time. The 2 1640s i just got a couple of hours ago seem to be good readers as well.