Looking for Best Deal on 30+ DVD+R DL (US)

hi all,
trying to track down at least 30+ to 100 8x DVD+R DL spindle in the US that good quality but dictated buy great price. lol aren’t we all :). TIA for any help to point me in the right direction.

sams club…http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?catg=5793

I looked at sam club and while there was one in my area it didn’t have what I needed. :frowning:

The 25 pack memorex +R DL are on sale at CC from time to time for $19.99
I have had no problems with them and at that price their a steal.

Free Shipping right now

Just bought the 50 pack from Buy.com $43.30 with sale tax. I had them in cart already as I saw them on sale the other day but I think they wanted $10- for shipping. Free shipping on them right now. Thinks that about as good a price/quality that around atm.

Not to make you feel bad, but Amazon.com has the Memorex DLs for $35 for a 50-pack. If you don’t mind the crappy quality, you can still pick it up with free shipping. It’s been that price for at least 6 months.

good to know if I chew through the first pack. I had good results with the 4.5gb DVDs on my burners so hopefully be same with the DL stuff. Will post results later. Have to wait until monday to receive mine.

Good luck and let us know what happens. Last time I tested some, I didn’t have very good results. I stick with Verbatim only now.

The old Memorex 2.4x DL were RITEK D01… pretty poor disk
The new 8X Memorex are Ritek S04 and work pretty well in most burners. Both my Pioneer 212 and Benq 1650 have no problems with then at all at 4x burn speed. The same speed you burn Verb DL media at for reliability.

Their are also RICOH JPND01 8x that are pretty bad too… but I have never gotten any of those in the 25packs.


The key seems to be to stick with MIT 8x in the purple packaging

I bought these will start testing monday!

If you are in the USA, they have them at BJs Wholesale Club, I really dont remember the price cause I dont use DL media, and if I did I would use Verbatim MIS. But checkout BJs you might be surprised, they have good prices.

I seem to be having good luck with the memorex media I bought burning at 4x (wasn’t expecting faster burns). No luck burning at 6x or 8x with my burners.

Tested on Samsung SH-203B and SH-203N. No scans for quality, basically if it burns and verifies with imgburn I am happy. :slight_smile:

Good luck with those mikemn. Let us know if they are still readable in six months.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2149238]Good luck with those mikemn. Let us know if they are still readable in six months.[/QUOTE]

This media has been around for quite awhile and I think the forums would be buzzing if that were true. How many unreadable disks have you gotten from them?

None, but I wouldn’t touch them if given to me. For several years we have been dealing with poor results from inverse stack dual layer media. Virtually every day someone comes in and complains about their results with them.

The newer drives with more optimized firmware for this type of disk may make this happen less often. I won’t be one to test this however.

And Memorex is the great whore of brands. They buy anything from anyone, and seem to get poor grade disks even on mids that aren’t necessarily bad. Not that I would describe these DL disks in those terms.

So, my good wishes for you were sincere. My hope is that the tide is turning on this type of disk. My experience helping in this forum over the last few years leads me to question this.

check out Meritline .com 4 dual layer discs
they r always running free shipping deals
plus they have a wide variety

I hoping people wanting to help with this thread can just post the actual item they think is a great deal as that why I started this thread :slight_smile:

Ok…here you go: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817130008&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL103008&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL103008--CDDVDMedia--L2B-_-17130008

Only 20ct spindles…so not to your original request, but you can always order a couple.


30 verb 8X $50

or Falcon 8X DVD+R Double Layer White Inkjet Hub Printable Professional Premium Grade Blank Media in Cake Box