Looking for best CD-R

Hi everyone

I just bought my first burner yesterday and am quite new at this. While at the store today I was literally confused by all the different brands of media there are. I did quite a bit of searching on these forums this afternoon to find out which brand of CD-R (and DVD-R as well) are the best quality to burn with and which are the most durable.

Some of the posts are a bit old now and I wanted to see what the best quality CD-r is currently.

Based of my reading today I have narrowed it down to the following :

For CD-R :
Mitsui Gold
Taiyo Yuden

I will be starting off with mostly CD-Rs for now and then move into DVD-R later. So, which is the best for my purposes of burning lots of music? And how about for DVD-R ?


You’ve come to the correct conclusion there. Taiyo Yuden is generally considered to be the overall best and most reliable media.

Mitsui Gold has the advantage of having a gold reflective layer, meaning it won’t oxidize easily, giving it a possible advantage over T-Y. But T-Y is much more common than Mitsui, so it is known with more certainty that T-Y is reliable. Therefore I can’t say which one has greater longevity in practice.

It is also relevant to note that all media can have bad batches, so if something is very important, burn it more than once on multiple media brands!

I heard Mitsui gold is good, but for $1 a piece? :sad:

I use TY, from bestbuy in Fujifilm 50pack CDRs. If it on sale it can get as low as $9.99.

Yup, that is what I normally use. Unlike DVD-R, I have had good luck with Fuji (TY) CD-Rs. Above all if you go this route make sure it says MADE IN JAPAN on the labeling, otherwise you will end up spending the same amount of money on Prodisc CD-R.

Thanks for the help. It looks like I’m going to order a 100-pack of Taiyo Yudens then. :slight_smile:


Most reliable direct importer of Taiyo Yuden is www.rima.com and the price for a 100 cakebox of CD-R’s is $26 plus shipping-

Wise move-


Never had any poor quality prodisc cdr. Only two brands of prodisc I’ve ever bought are Datasafe Premium and Intenso White top. Both have been decent quality cdrs. Much better quality in fact than a lot of Ritek I’ve bought. And far better than some Verbatim (MCC) I’ve bought from Amazon a couple of months back.

You missed the point, why settle for Prodisc when for the same price you can get Taiyo Yuden. I don’t think there is a single person here who would take Prodisc over TY if they were the same price. :wink: Also I know that several months back Verbatim was actually using CMC Mag for a bit. You sure they weren’t CMC?

I’m in Canada so I’ll be getting them from blankmedia.ca instead of rima.com
Thanks for the help though.

Good choice, blankmedia.ca stocks the real T-Y goods as opposed to fakes.