Looking for BCDC.CVT F/W

Can’t find the .CVT F/W to flash my drive with WinDWflash. Thanks

Sorry you need a log in. I’ll have to look around a bit.

Thanks, but I tried that, even IE won’t let me

Odd i don’t have it to send you sorry. I’m sure someone will have it.

Pinto2 did have it in his sig. but not anymore.

open up the link with IE or use IE TAB Plugin for firefox browser.

For you only :wink:

Note, originally downloaded from hoppy.tk. :wink:

Thanks for the try. Anyone else???

Thanks alot!!! :bow:

pinto2 > Why did Hoppy.tk password his site…any ideas?

Do not know anything about Internet protocols.

[I]zebadee[/I] might have some clues. :smiley:

We used to just go there and download :slight_smile: oh well.

does anyone have a cvt file for a benq1650? would like to crossflash my dru 810ar to a1650
Sorry cancel this request used bq flasher and bcic fw successful