Looking for automated m3u creation software

I searched and tried a few linked but none did what I’m looking for. Basically over the past 5 years I’ve ripped all CD’s I’ve gotten and used the same naming format. Recently I decided to rename all my songs. Not thinking about my playlists none of my m3u’s work anymore. I have somewhere around 600 albums I’ve ripped, even a semi automated program would still take awhile.

I’d like to find one where I can enter my root music folder and have it scan each directory and drop a m3u in each. If it costs money that’s fine I’m kind of lazy and the though of creating 600 playlists by hand doesn’t appeal to me :slight_smile:


you might have a look at mp3tag. According to the features list, it is able to generate playlists.


thanks for the link, doesn’t do it automatically, unless I’m missing something. But I tested it out and was able to breeze thru 10 albums in about a minute. maybe an hour a day I can have it done in a few days. Pretty nice program.