Looking for assistance burning files from Dime a dozen

I regularly have downloaded music from Dime and burnt to disc for my own use. I have not yet figured out how to burn video. If someone could give me a primer on this I would be very appreciative.
I am using Roxio for burning purposes if that is something that you need to know.
My name is liftsteady and this is post #1 of what I hope will be a benefical association with this board.
Thanks in advance

Welcome to CDFreaks liftsteady;you can look in to the following for information that you ae seeking.

OR here:


Welcome to CDFreaks liftsteady;you can look in to the following for information that you ae seeking.


OR Here:

OR here:


Many thanks. I will check it out. If I cant figure it out is it ok to asak more questions?

hello and welcome to the forum.

im not familiar with using dima a dozen or roxio but im sure there are many here whom are.

which version of roxio do you have? record now will only burn audio cd’s from MP3, WAV & WMA formats. or do you have easy media creator 9, this should allow you to burn video files.

what is the original format of the video you want to burn? what type of burn do you want? if you want a dvd then you will need a dvd burner. are you able to get through a certain step and receive an error? could you please supply more information on what is happening?


Its version 6 with DVD Builder
Yes i have a burner…two actually
Ia m downloading a show now and dont yet know what the format will be when it is complete.

Of course - that’s what we are here for… :slight_smile:

OK…I have tried imgburn and Roxio DVD builder…I have followed tutorials, and then tried burning from files on my hard drive. in both instances they have said DVD is creted successfully (imgburn even plays a little tune!) however, when I go to play the discs, I get nothing…well on one DVD player its says on the screen "H02"
Not sure what I am doing wrong. The files I am trying to copy look like:
Any of this make any sense to anyone

again i am not familiar with using roxio. could a mod move this to the appropriate forum.

the video_ts files are a good thing at this point. these are the files which will get burned on to the dvd.

what do you use to play videos on your computer. id highly recommend downloading VLC Media Player. try to play the original video if it works then play the video_ts files. if you can play them then the conversion was successfull.

there may be some settings which need to be adjusted in roxio, or maybe in your efferts to get it to work you changed something on accident. see if you cant change you burn settings back to default.

if you cant get roxio to work there is a free program ImgBurn , this will allow you to burn the video_ts files to dvd.

if the disc still will not play in your dvd player try them on your computer. if not then there may be a problem with you drive or the media. what brand and type of dvd’s do you use? what brand of burner(s) do you use?

did some research on HO2 errors. can you still play other dvd’s or just not the ones you are burning.

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03-17-06, 04:12 PM
I don’t know if any of you are aware, but with my LS5 model of the panasonic portable dvd player the error codes could be solved by turning on your device, taking out any disk, closing the tray and pushing the back skip, pause, and play buttons at the same time. Hold for about 4 seconds and the screen will go blank then “initializing” will appear and your player will read your disks again. Hope this is helpful to someone

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Mark D. Zacharias

Re: Technics SL HD V600

sausagedogfishing wrote:
> I have a 5 yr old Technics CD/DVD player thats suddenly started
> showing ‘No Disc’ or ‘DVD H02’ in the display window when trying to
> play a DVD. The Manual says nothing about this H02 fault, any idea’s ?

Based on Panasonic history - either a bad spindle motor, which they’ve had
many of the past several years, or a bad pickup. If possible try giving the
disc a spin clockwise about the time it “should” spin. It might just take
off and start running.

Mark Z.