Looking for an ultra white face CD-R

Can anyone recommend a good matte ultra white face printable CD or DVD? For a while I have been using stick on labels but figured that I would give direct printing a go. My biggest problem is finding CD’s with a true white face comparable to the labels.

I have tried the ones from Memorex, HP, Staples, VB AquaGuard, and TY WaterShield which ALL have a very yellow hue. By far the most white were the VB AquaGuard’s but they still were quite yellow compared to a normal pice of paper. The worst were the Staples brand disks.


The TY watershield that I get from supermediastore are white,I have never gotten a batch that had a yellow hue to them. Also the Verb’s from supermediastore and Rima have been white.

You must have gotten a bad batch.I have been getting mine for over a year now and none where yellow.


TY Watershield have the whitest surface I’ve seen. Whiter than Verbatim Gloss for certain. But I wouldn’t compare gloss to matte for whiteness. TY matte CDRs are also very white. Although, the TY CDRS do tend to have a slight greenish hue because of the green dye used in the discs. That may be what you are seeing. Ritek CDR’s will be a tad whiter because of the lighter color dye.

It is hard to tell from these photos since in real life the differences is quite stronger.

Here is what the TY WaterShield looks like compared to a regular white copy paper:
As you can see it has a yellow hue and the HUB is a much truer white. Prints on these disks look horrible. I had bought a 50 pack CD-R’s and used 2 of them before deciding I am going to toss them. Even if I was OK with the yellow hue AND the whiter hub my printer scratches them (HP C5280).

Here is the Memorex ones that I am using. Again, a yellow hue: Oh, and of course a very odd hub design :rolleyes:.

When I get home tonight I will take a closer look at what I have, but I got to tell you ,I use a Epson R260 printer and the quality I get when printing is sometimes better and sharper than the store bought CD and DVD’s when I print them to the watershield disc’s.