Looking for an online store in EU that has Pioneer 108

Hi, I need two Pioneers 108 badly and there isn’t a single drive in my country. Everyone just wants to sell 109.
Have been in looking in Austria and Germany but all shops that ship to my place can’t get it on stock.

So please tell me if there are any online shops in EU that have this drive on stock and ship to Slovenia.

PS: What other burners have 108 hardware, there is one from Asus, right? And is it possible to replace it with 108 firmware?

you could try here i don`t know if they deliver to europe though

                            cheers  bighun1952 :)  :)  :)

They don’t deliver outside UK.

Try here :


You can find several suppliers here:

www.microdirect.co.uk not in stock

And I’ve tried most if not all sellers at geizhals. That’s why I wrote that I’ve checked Austria and Germany. Problem is that only bigger shops deliver in every EU country, but those have already sold their stocks.

Checking ebay at the moment.

In stock here in black:


And here :

And here:


And here:


And here:


Thanks Captainjohn, but non is valid. I’m starting to think it’s impossible.

http://www.overclockers.co.uk/ does not deliver to Slovenia (it seems every EU country, but mine)
http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/ only uk
http://www.starmount.co.uk/ not in stock (try to order, it’s funny what their basket does)
http://www.vadim.co.uk/ only uk
http://www.aria.co.uk/ only uk and ireland

This is a German shop which had stock of 108s the last time I looked.

AFAIK, they ship within the EU.


http://www.f-m-shop.de/ only delivers to a few EU countries, I have contacted them though
will also call http://www.overclockers.co.uk/, maybe they will do it

Did you complete their form for shipping to Slovenia? It is certainly on the drop down menu - although that does not necessarily mean they will ship to you.

Neither list Slovenia on the drop down menu.

F&M does :

Yes, I saw that, that’s how I contacted them, but still haven’t received a reply.
It is not a part of the basket, but more of a contact form.
Allthough thank you for the links, the more I have, more likely someone will reply.

I filled in the form on a Friday and got a reply on the Monday. I ordered a Pioneer 109 and delivery via UPS is due this week (hopefully).

I managed to get them from f-m-shop.de