Looking for an office 2k professional product id



I had office 2k pro installed previously and had to rebuild my system. I have the cd, but have lost the product id. can anyone tellme where I can get one? I did a full Fdisk on the system prior to having to re-install everything.

help? please :iagree:



If it’s a origional CD then Microsoft may be able to help.
I don’t know what country you live in, but i’ll try the local one before going to the main UAS site.


im pretty sure you can get microsoft to issue a new product id if you have the original cd’s. If you have the cd case but not the key you could give them the “cd set” number on the back of the case.

or you could try reading them the cd bardcode on the inside of the cd.

As for giving you one over the forum. You should really read the posting rules because that is strictly prohibited


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