Looking for an external USB BD or DVD Burner non riplocked

I’ve spent a few hours researching drives, main things that i want is a non-riplocked drive/slim form and USB powered all of which is proving difficult to find.

I dont need a BD Burner, but it would be nice to watch the odd blu-ray, but i will give that option up if i cant find a non-riplocked drive and i will just get a DVD Burner.

Im guessing if a drive is riplocked it will be on both DVD and BD?

Maybe there is a Blu-Ray Player/DVD Burner combo drive without riplock, that might be an option?

I like pioneer drives, so i was looking at a DVD only burner if need be

The point of getting a non riplocked drive is to get decent rip speeds. A slim drive would be at (or below) the speeds of a riplocked full height drive.

And slim drives are pretty much all universally slow.


So am i right in that a non-riplocked slim drive with a write & read of 8x DVD would be slower than a riplocked full height drive doing the same disk at 16x, i thought rip-locked would mean it would be read at 2x speed?

I dont need a slim portable drive, its going to be set up on my desk all the time, so a full height drive would be fine, im after quality burns, done at a decent speed. I’ve had rip lock kick in on internal drives ive had in the past and it slows to a crawl, so i ended up just using it for copies or scans, and my pioneer did all my main stuff. But my new PC has no space for an internal drive.

So this external drive is going to be my only burner, i wont do scans with it

In full height couldnt find any pioneer but this LG one looks okay, although LG DVD burners dont seem to have a great reputation, compared to their Blu-ray drives

i think i’ve decided against a external blu-ray burner if they are all rip locked. But im now thinking of possible option of getting an internal burner and putting it in an enclosure, that gives me a lot more options.

are all the internal blu ray ones rip-locked as well?

If thats the case then i will just forgot blu-ray, only would have used it to read blu-rays very occasionally, dont need to copy them.

Main thing is a quality DVD/CD burner so im looking at the Pioneer DVR-221BK, couldnt find out if it has riplock though?

As for an enclosure i could only find one, its not a common need it seems?


Didnt think it would take me so much time and thought but Im getting nearer to getting this sorted :smiley:


As for an enclosure i could only find one, its not a common need it seems?


5.25 inch enclosures are pretty rare these days,but I got this 1 a few months ago :


Found another case… http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUMVISION-E807-5-25-USB-2-0-EXTERNAL-ENCLOSURE-HOT-SWAPPING-CD-DVD-SILVER-/191163910124?hash=item2c8241c7ec:g:QQwAAOxywh1TGbxh

They are getting hard to find though!

Looks like the Liteon IHBS112 may be un-riplocked

Went with LG GE24NU40 external DVD burner and no riplock, well built and quiet, really nice drive :slight_smile: