Looking for an external SCSI DVD+- (re)writer



I’m looking for a successor of the current (a Plextor) external SCSI DVD+/- (re)writer that will be connected on a Sun Microsystems Machine (no PC!) for one the company’s Medical IT solutions.

The connection is 68pins and the communication will be done via standard SCSI commannds on the Sun Microsystems Solaris Operating System.

Because we are shipping medical IT solutions, we need the complete writer to be qualified for several certifications:

UnderWriters Laboratories (www.ul.com), also known als UL. The complete devices needs to be approved for the UL60950 1998 certifcation and have a E number.
Canadian Standards Association (www.csa.gov) , also known as CSA. As with UL the complete device needs to be approved for the CSA 60950 1998 standard and have a LR number.
IEC, (www.iec.org) International Electrotechnical Commission. As well as CSA and UL there has to be an IEC 60950 certification.

Should you require more information about these standards, please look at the websites mentioned above.

Further certifications include the CE label, a power supply connected to earth, FDA approval, the DHHS accescion number (laser FDA authorisation number) and the FCC class.

For all these standards and approvals we need to store the complete approbation reports in our archive. If the product or parts of it change, we need the new approbation reports.

Can anyone advise me, or recommend an external device?

So far LG Electronics and Teac have replied they only have (S)ATA drives :frowning:

Note: Please no inquiries about the approvals and other methods of connecting USB/Firewire/(S)ATA writers to a Sun.