Looking for Affordable, Dependable Internal DVD Burner

Hello, all. I am in the market for good, affordable internal DVD burner can anyone suggest a good one ? I am not all that concerned about the speed of the burner, I am more interested in a burner that is very reliable and easy to use. I also don’t want to spend a whole lot of money.

Next, I am wondering what software exists to rip DVD information to my computer to be burned on the burner I will buy. Is there any DVD ripping freeware out there that is noteworthy ?? Anything like EAC is to the audio extraction world ?? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks CD Freaks !! I look forward to your replies

Hi there,

What burner to buy >> Please refer to the two stickied threads at the top of the forum. All burners have the same ease-of-use (it’s the software that makes the difference there). As for reliability, any of the ones that have done fairly well in the polls are reliable. There are others that are also reliable, but those are the most popular ones.

Excellent Freeware Apps >> [google]DVD Decrypter[/google] (to rip & to burn), [google]DVD Shrink[/google] (to transcode)

In addition, you may want to read this entry in the FAQ.

All drives are easy to use. Just plug it in and it will work; doesn’t even need driver installation.

If speed is not your thing, a good choice is the Pioneer 108. It is slow, as it burns at 16x, slower than other burners do at 12x, but it looks as if it is designed for having the quality is its top priority.

If you have time, searching the forum will give you all the information you need to choose the right burner for your likes.

I love that drive!