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Looking for some advice… I bought a Sony DRU18a last weekend, and burned a coaster (a data dvd, that kinda works, crc errors) on it’s first burn. Looking to upgrade firmware, I stumbled across this forum, and got some great advice from code65536 to upgrade my firmware to LiteOn 812s. The upgrade to US0F went well (looks my Sony is now a LiteOn!). The next burn went ok (data DVD, and looks good), but took Roxio 6 30 minutes to burn! Me thinks something is wrong here. I have a Sony DRU500a on my other computer and it kicks butt. I used Maxell DVD-R. Interestingly, Roxio only gives me two choices for burn speed: 2x or SmartBurn. I chose SmartBurn. Shouldn’t it be writing faster?

So where do I go from here? code65536 mentioned USOJ firmware too, but I’m thinking something else is not right.

My system:
The DVD drive is Master on the secondary channel (no slave), DMA enabled.
Athalon 64, 3000+
1gb PC3200/DDR 400
Windows 2k, brand new install
Roxio 6 Platinum, latest upgrades

Any help would be appreciated… (I think Roxio should be showing me other choices for write speed)



DOH! Never mind. Shoulda read the Box… the DVD’s are 2x [Blush] That’s what I get for sending the wife to buy dvd’s :slight_smile:

Tried to delete this bugger, but couldn’t… Ok. I’ll go away now…


Originally posted by Mutexx
the DVD’s are 2x [Blush]

Then you probably got discs with the MXL RG01 media code. If you want to burn them at higher speeds like 4x, you can hack your firmware… :wink: (see the last category in Ssseth’s tool collection if you are interested)


Athalon 64, 3000+
1gb DDR 400
8x burner
2x discs :bigsmile: .


Originally posted by booma
Athalon 64, 3000+
1gb DDR 400
8x burner
2x discs :bigsmile: .

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