Looking for a Wii


I waited in line last weekend for a Wii but was to late. If anyone see’s one in the adds this weekend please let us know.


They are supposed to be widely available now. I know you can order them from Gamestop (although it might be in a rediculous bundle.

Hit Ebay they have all your needs!

Naw just kidding. I would look for them online there wasn’t an all out hype like the PS3 or 360 so there should be plenty.

There’s a radio station in California that routinely has a contest to win one…

I saw them in Gamestop here, although I have no use for one so I did not ask how many they had in stock, ( New Jersey).

Over at FatWallet a couple days ago, someone was saying some Target stores had them in stock.


i got mine at target on this past thursday. just walked in and got one. simple as that. sold out 30minutes later tho

There is a rumor that Wal-Mart will have Wii this Sunday (Jan. 28). Check their Sunday circular to see if Wii’s are available at your area.

Also you can sign up at iTrackr (http://www.itrackr.com/home.aspx) for in stock alert. I got my Wii when I saw Wii were available at a local Target. However, To really find a Wii still depend on your luck because some of these retailers do not update their stock status in real time and some of those employees answering the phone have no idea about whether Wii is in stock or not.

Yep this is getting hard in the San Diego area to find a darn Wii for the kids… I waiter in line last Sunday only to be told that the local Target did not receive their shipment. I then went on a mad search for nothing. Tomorrow I will check Wal-Mart and Traget again.

Hopefully this doesn’t involve drinking water and holding your Wii to win a Nintendo Wii.

That’s what I was referring to yeah, how unfortunate that a radio station could be that ignorant… But drinking water sounds like an easy way to win one… But I wouldn’t die for it!

Well I got the Wii for the kids this morning at Wal-Mart. The line was long but the kids are happy. I wont drink a ton of water for something but I will drink a ton of beer for nothing!


The Gamestop in my neighborhood gets them in every week! and everytime I pop in they’ve already sold out of them. I should just take a day off of work and go there nice and early. or i could just move in with my girlfriend since she’s had once since december!