Looking for a Webcam recorder software

Hello. I have a Logitech 4000 Webcam. What i am looking for is a software that will let me record activity in my living room while i am not home. So the recording will need to be about 10 hrs long. I have a daughter that i believe is sneaking her boyfried in while we are not home. I have Windows XP and 200G of free space. I would prefer something free but i will purchase if needed. Please help. Thank you


Thank you. I will give one of them a try tonight. :bow:

For video recording, I use Virtual VCR, freeware I found googling, you can find it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/40754886/a09eda95/virtualvcr-v269.html
But instead of recording non-stop, there’s software to take webcam snapshots at pre-determined intervals. I use Webcam Capture, also freeware, from http://freelabs.info

Thank you for the Freewarwe. I will give it a try:bow::bow::bow::bow: