Looking for a way to edit media codes on blu ray writers

Hi guys!

I’ve recently purchased second-hand a LG be06lu10 which works fine, but is veeeery picky with discs. Couldn’t write x-layer, hp or verbatim, only succeeded with Maxell Ritek-BR2-000. So, as I’ve a good amount of x-layer discs already, I was wondering if I could somehow edit its firmware to accept those. Any suggestions? Thx!

It is not as simple as just editing few media codes, it needs proper write strategy. The latest firmware for your drive is from 2009 when Ritek BR2 was available. Today Verbatim uses CMC BA5 media which become available 2 years later. Probably the same goes for the current X-Layer discs.

Thx for the reply. Maybe I could get the strategy from my BH10LS38 which writes them fine. Problem is, every program identifies my X-Layer discs as Unknown.

It is not the software that can’t identify the disc, it is the drive. The drive passes the information to the software for disc info, available write speeds, capacity, etc. My work PC has LG BH10LS30 and with the factory firmware it was burning CMC BA5 successfully with some default strategy but the quality of the scans looked terrible. After applying the latest firmware update from 2014 the burning results were much much better.

Unfortunately you can’t just exchange write strategies between drives. Your drive is from HD-DVD era and probably its hardware is completely different from BH10LS38.

I see, so, is there ANY way, no matter the quality of the final recording, I could make it write those discs at all? Again, thx a lot for your help.

It depends on the drive how it will handle unknown disc/MID, you can’t do anything about it.

For example the Pioneer BDR-209EBK unknown single and dual layer BR MIDs will try to write at 2x or 4x, but for the unknow TL or QL media won’t even try.

The only thing you to try is to update the firmware if it doesn’t have the latest one already:

I see, so, as it has the latest fw, there’s nothing I could do. Thx a lot m8, at least I can just lay this to rest.