Looking for a way to copy protect my own CD/DVD



Guys, it’s only been a few hours since I’ve registered and I was just going through some of the forums and was very much impressed by the way you come up with your expertise solutions apparently for any querry.

I won’t bother you mucht, I just want to protect my CD/DVD to be protected so that no body (a layman) can make copies of it or drag/copy the content on their hard disk.

I am quite sure you “CD Freaks” will not disappoint me as it is my first pose.

I would appreciate if you can send me the solution on e-mail address as well (rushab143@yahoo.com)


Just two words: Caps Lock!



Edited the caps. Please consider that the use of caps is considered shouting and very inpolite.

Second, providing answers through e-mail defeats the purpose of this forum, which is sharing knowledge so that all can benefit. If you want an e-mail, you can tick the box and subscribe to the thread, you will then automatically receive an e-mail every time someone replies.

Third, please use a more descriptive title for your post next time, so people can better decide whether they are able to help. “Simple Question … May Be !!” doesn’t say anything about the nature of your request and may cause people to skip your thread, where they might have replied if they know it was about creating your own copy protection.

Then, related to your question: This has been asked several times. There are some programs that can create some kind of copy protection for your home made CDs. I would suggest doing a search on ‘Freelock’ to learn more. A full proof protection does not yet exist, at least not to my knowledge. Copy protections that create a lot of problems nowadays are very expensive and not available to home users…


Data CDs you can protect by using some of the free apps (do a search on here for them).

DVD is different media completely and I don’t think there are any free apps for them since all the known freeware use illegal TOC and/or bad sectors (DVDs don’t have that structure).


I am sick of this damn question coming up all of the time. If you don’t want people copying your discs, keep your discs to yourself. Sounds kinda like the old pissed off pirate whose pirated discs were being pirated. LMAO! :iagree: :cop:


Ok, I made a new thread saying this, and asked it to be stickied as so many people ask this question somewhere, ah well, I will explain again.

At the moment there is NO usefull copy-protection you could have on a CD/DVD that would not be copied, even if you payed $$$$$ for a comercial protection it would still be copied with little problem. If you are making only a few copies then the most effective thing you can do is “watermarking”, just create a file with the person you are giving the disc tos name in, like a .txt, then rename it to anything, that fits nicely with the other files, like a .cab or .dll or something. Once done, put it on the disc and then, if you get hold of a illegal copy of your disc, you can just drag the dll file into notepad, and see who copied it originally. If you tell people the disc is custom watermarked to them they are very unlikely to copy it.

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