Looking for a US retailer that has the DW1650

I am looking for a reputiable US retailer that has the DW1650 any help is much appreciated.


Online retailer that is (dang thing wont let me edit my post)

you might have to wait a few weeks or months for the 1650

That’s it fine will give me more time to read more, I don’t need lightscribe so I can wait :D. I hope someone releases some retail 1650 firmware that can be flashed to the drive to avoid that nasty scan/feature bug for OEM’s if I end up with an OEM.

It’s called hurry up and wait like me and 100,000 other people out here. :iagree:

If it’s like the 1640 it won’t be a big deal… All the “BenQ OEM” drives came with B-series firmware, the G-series only showed up on rebranded drives from Hi-Val, I believe.

That’s good to know I wasn’t sure from reading the information here thank you very much. I used Newegg’s submit a product/feature thing to suggest the 1650 I have no idea where that will go but I tried :smiley: