Looking for a tool to extract Cover Art from 1000's of mp3 tags

Hi! Thanks for reading this…

I’m looking for something which can batch process the extraction of album Cover Art images from my collection of nearly 5000 meticulously tagged mp3’s. I’ve spent an insane amount of time with Nero’s wave editor and MusicMatch and the All Music Guide (http://www.allmusic.com/) on this project over the last couple years… but I haven’t been able to find a way to export all the unique album covers appended to the mp3’s so that I can make some nice artwork out of them; except for the old copy and paste method or some one-at-a-time extractors which basically do the same thing.

If anyone knows of an ap; or is smart enough to create one; or can point me to a forum where folks might know about such things, I’d really appreciate it.


Alternately, If anyone knows how I can create an index similar to the “view by album art” page in MusicMatch (I use 7.5 Pro) which unfortunately can’y seem to handle the bulk of my collection at one time, I’d love you double. Triple. Hell, I’d have your baby.

Thangs again.

This earlier post relates to your question… I realize it’s been forever, but for those just passing by perhaps?

I spend time cleaning up customers music libraries…

And what I use for tagging and imbedding jpeg files into mp3’s
is “Tagscanner” Current version 5.1 (Build 637)

It also extracts previously imbedded album art to disc (click the tiny little icon that looks like a floppy disc)