Looking for a technical explanation

I figured out a way to copy from multiple discs onto a single disc (explained here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=108225 ), but I don’t really understand the technical details.

I create “DVD files” from one disc, then I go to the VIDEO_TS folder and replace the VTS files with VTS files created from other discs. Everything works out fine as long as the number and numbering of the VTS…BUP and VTS…IFO files matches what was initially created in the VIDEO_TS folder.

Do the VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO files establish an index for the VTS…BUP and VTS…IFO files, allowing the latter to be replaced? Can anyone add any technical details as to how/why this works? Thanks.

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